Our partners

How can two walk together unless they agree?


What has taken place in Romania since the beginning has been sponsored by the City Church (Herning, Denmark); the generosity of people (both leaders and members, children as well adults) has been characterised by focus, determination and consistency. It has made possible the travels, salaries and personal needs of pastors, rental of locations, the training of key people at the global base in Muar, Malaysia as well as the KidsHouse in Aiud. The whole church is fully convinced about her primary assignment, to invest in the building of apostolic bases, as it is the only way the Kingdom can penetrate cities, regions and the whole nation and affect her destiny in a deep and lasting way… therefore this investment in the nation of Romania.




ALL NATIONS SANCTUARY is the local church established two decades ago by Dr Jonathan David and his wife. At the same time it is the global base for the international ISAAC-Network where pastors and key-people come from many nations for training.


It is the spiritual home of all the pastors and key people in the ISAAC Network, where they follow the regular training events in order to stay updated in the things of the Spirit and accurate in their walk, work and connection. In this way they can become a united taskforce to carry the global assignment entrusted to the fathers.