We are happy to welcome you to God’s work through ‘ISAAC Romania’. It will provide you a simple impression of what it stands for and passionately pursues. The primary focus has from the very beginning been to speak the Word with clarity of spirit and mind, purity of soul and heart, and with courage and consistency.


The Word and the Spirit are God’s creating and building agents and they are unstoppable (Acts 13,49 and 19,20); they ultimately plough deep and always challenge what man has created and built through his own words and efforts, or because of his soulish unmet needs for power and popularity.


So have a free look through this window… we do appreciate your visit.

A brief history

God started it all back in 1993 by giving pastor Philip DuPont a simple Word: “Speak until a new generation comes alive.”, a Word based on the story recorded in Lk 7, 11-17. He did… and it happened as God said. Two churches were born, Joshua Christian Center in Aiud and Caleb Christian Center in Cluj-Napoca. After they both were well-established and leaders raised, they were given to their Romanian pastors.


Besides the work in these two cities the Word was also spoken in other places: Oradea, Turda, Bucharest, Brasov, Mangalia, Sighisoara and Targu Mures.


Shortly after the small beginning in Aiud, another great work was raised and its goal was to raise orphans, to work with some of the abandoned children, help them and raise them in kingdom patterns. Therefore a house was purchased with the purpose of helping these kids, and finding good, loving families willing to adopt them. During this process, a family moved in and took responsibility for five siblings who eventually were added to their family.


Since 2012 a new apostolic base is under development in Cluj-Napoca.

ISAAC focus 2015-2016

The focus is still the same and very clear. The main strategy is:


to raise breakthrough-believers,
a new breed of authentic christians
(totally Christ-centered)


to lead the Church into her Kingdom mandate for the sake of the city and nation, so the Kingdom can begin to manifest and influence in the different domains of society through worthy representatives


to build prophetic destiny into believers and build them as living stones into a Kingdom-church according to the accurate apostolic design

The work is led and developed by pastor Else and Philip DuPont, and they are assisted by a team of spiritual sons who coordinate and monitor the task on the ground.



The program is simple and has proved itself appropriate and effective: One Day Seminars in both Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest which are open for all Christians. People connected to the base have the privilege to meet regularly as well, for exchange and fellowship, for continuous sharpening and training.


When the church will be launched the program will successively align with the new situation, but the basic patterns will stay unchanged as they build on scriptural Kingdom-principles and culture.



No offerings are taken and all meetings are free; seminar-participants are welcome though to invest – as God leads them – in what He is doing through ‘ISAAC Romania’. Connected people are expected to tithe as an honor to Him, who builds, and to the builders He has entrusted with the assignment.



God has given parents the full responsibility for the ongoing spiritual training of their children, to whom He has entrusted them. As a supportive addition to that, children and youth are integrated in the seminars as we consider them a very important and a fully valid part of the House.

The KidsHouse in Aiud

The Man-family (Mariana and Ghita Man) have been entrusted with the responsibility of raising 5 siblings in agreement with their parents and the social authorities. The family, their work is recognized and regularly checked and supervised by the relevant authorities. The finances are provided through donations. They have also a son, Paul.



If you want to stay updated about the ISAAC-work of pastor Else and Philip DuPont you can subscribe to the following Facebook-pages: ‘Philip DuPont’, ‘Apostolic Reformation’ (for their work in Romania and in other countries).


Dr Jonathan David and ISAAC International

isaac-smallHelen and Dr Jonathan David are the pastors of All Nations Sanctuary in Muar (Malaysia) and founders of the ISAAC Network (International Strategic Alliance of Apostolic Churches) to whom pastor Else and Philip DuPont are connected as spiritual sons. They are their primary source of apostolic and prophetic input.

European Youth Camp

A distinctive Generation modeling righteousness in the nations